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Do you roast your own coffee?

We work closely with a local roastery in Sparks, NV. We have a great partnership with them which allows us (most recently) to expand our coffee selection for you. With our combined efforts we created 8 more roasts to our selection, including one decaf for you looney tooney's out there.

Is Dyrt Coffee a coffee shop?

Yes! Technically speaking, we do have a coffee shop. Although we started primarily as a roaster (see FAQ), we recently opened our first coffee shop...on wheels! Our coffee trailer proudly serves the North Valley's in Reno, NV. We hope to have a brick and mortar in the near future.

Your address comes up as Ryland St

This is due to business entity filings. We are an LLC and as such, the address that shows up is our registered agents (required for LLC). Dyrt Coffee doesn't exactly have one home, it has several (including in your hearts....bustin out the corn). The coffee truck is one, the roastery is another, and the world wide web is yet a third.

Why are you always joking?

Because smiles and laughter means people are happy. Happy people make good friends. Good friends buy coffee. If you don't like it, you're probably a butthole looking for a new way to be offended...To be fair, no one really ask's this question but we thought it was important to remind everyone to loosen up.

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