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Who We Are

A small group of friends with a passion for the outdoors. We do everything in the Dyrt, whether it be on 4 wheels, 2 wheels, with a motor or pedals, or our own two feet, we love being outdoors. We also drink a lot of coffee. As you get older you think about things differently, including your coffee. We began exploring coffee's from the shelf, but became tired of the stale offerings from the box stores and didn't want to support chains that didn't align with our values (who, in our opinion, still offered sub par coffee). We wanted a better coffee, and we also wanted a coffee that supported our interests. Thus DYRT Coffee was born.


We knew we had two options: Start roasting our own coffee, or find an experienced roaster we could work with to create excellent roasts. We went through the painstaking process of sourcing suppliers, weeding through private labelers, and tasting mountain loads of different roasts. In the end, we happily found a local roaster who was able to work with us AND had an Arabica Q Grader!

It ended up being a match made in heaven. Not only did the coffee taste amazing (beating the competition in our taste test panel) but our roaster is like family. Having this great relationship means we can align our interests and continue to create new and exciting blends by providing feedback and requests direct.

We took a chance on the name DYRT, knowing it would project a negative image to some, hoping that those that live their lives DYRTY will see through it, align with us, and enjoy some adventure in a cup. So pack up your rig, order some DYRT Coffee, and we'll



Over the past few years we have seen public lands in our area desecrated by illegal dumping and littering. Our mission at Dyrt Coffee is to help keep trails and tracks open by providing funds to help promote, improve, and grow education on trail stewardship, public land cleanup, and keep trails open.

The OHV community gets an unfairly bad rap. What people don't realize is that the OHV community does more to cleanup and preserve our public lands than most realize (dare I say, more than most any other 'group'?) We want to keep the DYRT Lifestyle alive for generations to come and our way of keeping that dream alive is to give back to organizations that cleanup public lands, advocate for our sports, and promote a positive image for the OHV community, as well as put on our own events.

Some of the organizations we have or are sponsoring include:

Nevada Back Country Hunters & Anglers

Desert Pigs (land cleanup)

Nevada 4WD Association

775 Offroad Recovery

HowieDoinRogerThat (HDRT)


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